Episode 1 – Taylor Lymbery

It’s finally here, kids!!! Jeff finally got it together, and he presents to you, a STAR WARS podcast!!! Each week (well, HOPEFULLY each week), Jeff will be back with a new guest to talk about our favorite space opera. This is a show by fans, for fans, and featuring fans. This time, Jeff is in familiar company. His host from Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff, Taylor Lymbery, sat down to discuss Taylor’s favorite creatures, among other things. Take a listen, tell your friends, like us on Facebook, and come back next week for more!!

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2 Responses to Episode 1 – Taylor Lymbery

  1. Joe2 says:

    Great 1st episode! I really enjoyed Taylor’s des cushion about the different design styles. I have one problem with your trivia. Chewbacca was part of the group that went into the dinning area on Bespin, because he roared at Vader when the door opened and he was still on Han’s left when the door closed. He stopped working on 3PO when Lando came to take everybody to dinner.

    Other than that, great show. Can’t wait to be a part.

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