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talking toys with taylor & jeff

Remember your favorite toy of all time? Taylor and Jeff do, and chances are, one of them owns it. Each episode of Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff will focus on a toy line from the past. Come take a walk down memory lane.


The Saturday Morning Super-Cast

Saturday Mornings were made for 2 things; Cartoons and Cereal! The Saturday Morning Super-Cast is a celebration of both. Join us as we remember the things that made it worth waking up early.

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Bantha banter

Star Wars fans talk about Star Wars. It’s a simple concept, but a fun show

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the pilot episode

Was your favorite TV show a classic from the start, or did it take awhile to find its footing? The Pilot Episode will answer these burning questions by reviewing the first episode of your favorite shows!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!